A Lover’s Secret is Howard Reiss’ seventh novel. It was inspired by three very different thoughts . . . the mental illnesses that often went undiagnosed and untreated back in the middle of the twentieth century, especially among children . . . how time moved so slow when we were young and seems to speed up as we age . . . and how the internet (and Facebook) sometimes changes our relationship with the past.

The Texture of Love, Howard Reiss’ sixth novel, was inspired by his love of Nabokov. On the 50th anniversary of Lolita, he decided to reverse the story and have a younger woman become obsessed with an older man.

The Old Drive-In, Howard Reiss’ fifth novel, is a nostalgic reflection on what could have been. If we can’t really go home again, can we discover something everlasting if we try?  Readers' Favorite wishes they could give this book "more than 5 stars."  IndieReader says this novel has "richly defined characters and weaves in themes of regret and nostalgia throughout this nuanced romance."

P Town, Howard Reiss’ fourth novel, was inspired by a lifetime of visits to Provincetown, a magical town at the tip of Cape Cod. The mix of people, the art, the street music, and the color make it a great place to hide in plain sight.  P Town is a multiple award winner; winning the Silver Medal in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite Awards in the Contemporary Romance category, as well as the 2016 Los Angeles Book Festival in the Spiritual category. IndieReader says P Town is “beautifully written from beginning to end” and Readers’ Favorite calls it an “unforgettable read.”

The Laws of Attraction, Howard Reiss’ third novel is an insightful and quirky legal thriller about a courtroom battle over the estate of the elderly patriarch who leaves everything to his young wife who claims to be the reincarnate of his first wife.  It leads to a rather unusual and somewhat comical trial to determine whether or not there is life after death. This novel is a Readers’ Favorite 5 star “guilty reading pleasure.”

Howard Reiss’ second novel, The Year of Soup was inspired by a dinner at a small restaurant in Northampton, Mass. when an old professorial looking gentlemen with a bottle of wine in a paper bag sat down at a table in the corner and was immediately joined by the young, female proprietor and chef. Although he couldn’t hear their conversation, he tried to imagine it, and their stories as wellThis novel received the Silver Medal for Best Fiction in the North-East Region at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2013.

Howard Reiss’ first novel, A Family Institution, published in 2011, was based on a true incident involving the discovery of an aunt hidden from the family who spent most of her life in Pilgrim State Hospital. The main character’s quest for the truth about what happened takes him to Pilgrim State where he takes a job in the records department, learns a lot about how the mentally ill and, in particular, his aunt was treated in the 1950s, and in the process turns his life and family upside down. It’s a serious subject approached with a strong comic touch and has been a growing favorite of book clubs around the country.

Howard Reiss is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Columbia Law School. He co-founded a soup kitchen in Nyack, New York where he lives and runs.